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The Company - Lebensart Verlag

Lebensart VerlagsGmbH is a private publisher of sustainable information

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We support sustainable development by

  • offering the right information at the right time, agenda setting
  • offering criteria to support personal decision
  • being a source of inspiration in order to identify opportunities that are both practically and socially responsible 


  • Sustainable Politics, Economy & Social Affairs
  • Energy & Mobility
  • Construction & Habitation
  • Agriculture & Gardening
  • Health & Food
  • Travel & Culture

Sustainability is often seen as an over-used, yet vague term, as practical ideas, visionary courage and implementation are missing from people’s lives. A possible orientation in this overload of information on sustainability offers ‘LEBENSART’ (in English: Way of Life), the first independent sustainability magazine in Austria, which bundles and discusses all elements of a sustainable life.

The magazine tells stories on the economic, environmental, and social aspects of sustainability, including human rights and questions on gender. The articles usually focus around one of the three dimensions, i.e. future prospects when writing about youth unemployment, or the environmental aspect of food. Additionally, ‘LEBENSART’ provides tangible solutions for sustainable consumers, such as practical everyday advice, how to reduce one’s energy consumption or the best ways for eating healthy and seasonally. Its target audience consists of ‘people seeking information on how to live sustainably’.

Launched in 2005, ‘LEBENSART’ is now the largest sustainability magazine in Austria with a circulation of 50,000 copies, five times a year. The dialogue and partnership with its readers are cherished by the editorial board and reflected in the numerous possibilities for participating in discussions or selecting future topics. Besides publishing the letters sent to the editor, the magazine always asks the reader a question as a way of obtaining and publishing information.

This participative element is underlined by Managing Director Roswitha Reisinger, who sees ‘the socio-political discourse as the magazine’s key focus’. Providing orientation instead of continuing the usual patronising is certainly in accordance with sustainable development.

In 2012 the comany launched a second magazine - BUSINESSART - dealing with CSR and sustainable economy. The magazine is addressing manager who want their company to be more sustainable. BUSINESSART supports companies in their transition to a sustainable, future-oriented economic system. BUSINESSART offers managers and entrepreneurs information, supporting methods and tools for practical implementation. BUSINESSART presents successful business concepts and innovative projects of companies. BUSINESSART connects the sustainable actors in Austria.

For further information please contact
Roswitha Reisinger
Fon: ++43-2742-70855
Mail: roswitha.reisinger (at) lebensart-verlag.at